Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Not To Knit

Here you have it , an entertaining collection of knitted and crochet items you must never ever attempt to duplicate.

There must have been one of this at every Bubby's house:

The original one and only JJJOT PANTS:

She or he must have ran out of things to make.

The good thing about these is that together with cloth handkerchiefs they are 100% eco-friendly...Lola, are you listening?

Ilanita: Don't even think about it!!!:

Just where would you even put this ?

No words to describe these, It kills me that somebody actually posted these in the internet to show off their creativity:

No jokes, my aunt still has one of this in her bathroom - In 20 years this might even be retro cool :

I thought Mary might want to make this one for Galia's whinny dog:

What Ivana Trump will knit for her grandaughter:


Sue said...

Knitting gone wild! I had no idea you knitters were into tequila!! Madre de Dios!!

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