Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chocolate Cake Box For My Sweethearts

When I first saw this chocolate box at Bakerella, I thought it was absolutely beautiful. It surprised me even more when I realized it was made out of cake. Yes, the whole thing is made out of cake!!
I showed it to my daughter Odette and she asked me if I could make it for her on Valentines Day.
Yikes, by the time Valentines day would come I would forget about it, I thought. I went and bought myself the cake mold at Michael's, and all ingredients I would be needing just in case my urge to make it would fade out by February. Baking it in November would not make much sense anyway. I had no idea If I would be able to pull it off due to my lack of experience in cake decorating.
So there, yesterday I called my mom, the family's "cake boss", and told her I needed her help. She came along with her famous chocolate nut cake recipe, and lots and lots of patience.

The little chocolates are actually made out of cake which we shaped and then dipped in candy melts.

This afternoon Odette discovered the cake which I had not yet finished, she had forgotten all about it!
I kicked her out of the living room where I had hid it and presented it to the kids later at supper time when it was all filled with the little chocolate treats.

The truth is that we never ever celebrate Valentines Day, but what an excuse this was to make this lovely cake for my Sweethearts!


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