Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For you with love and warmth

Channah Koppel, the mother of an israeli soldier, organized a small group of women that called themselves 'Chicks with Sticks'. The idea was to get together in their local yarn shop to knit winter hats for IDF soldiers. This way, Channah thought, she would be doing something she loved as well as contributing to her community. What started as a small project has has reached hundreds of knitters all over the world. Once the hats arrive in Israel, each hat receives a sewn-in label reading "for you with love and warmth".

The Soldier Hat Project has also reached our Knitting Club, inspiring even those that usually prefer to crochet.

No doubt about it, our Thursday Nights have become not only a time for us to share a lovely meal,laughs and yes...sometimes knit, but also a time to work together for a good cause.

Many of us have finished our black ribbed hats, but unfortunately for some, this blog works as a first come, first serve basis.
Mery sent me her finished project pic, and I think she deserves to be announced as the first to have finished her 'Hats for Israeli Soldiers' project.


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