Saturday, February 20, 2010

Knitting Graffiti

Guerrilla Knitting is a group of knitting terrorist with similar obsessions. Their mission in life is to promulgate the knitting revolution and expressing it by creating knitting graffiti all around the world. They call their movement Knittivism.

Magda Sayeg began the graffiti group three and a half years ago to tag with knits instead of spray paint.

" it's about making people smile and bringing art out of the galleries so everyone can appreciate it" Magda Sayeg explains.

Denise Litchfield of Sydney, Australia, is one of these global artists, she explains: "It's a response to the growing street art world to make a distinctly feminine statement in urban art in a way that is far less harmful to the surroundings. As in, it does not need solvents or cleansers to remove. It's stitched on, and if you don't like it, you unpick it."


Tree trunks, door handles and street signs are fair game. Projects as large as buses and buildings have been undertaken as a response to garden-variety shenanigans. The artists seek to bring their own feminine flair while beautifying their surroundings in a nondamaging way.





Knit the City Phonebox 1


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