Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Circle of Friends

'Tis true, 'tis true...Ilana finished her first Scarf and Mery's headband came out beautiful!
I am really happy because when we first got together, some of the girls had no idea how to even hold the needles and they have come such a long way. They have proudly finished their projects, something that they never saw themselves doing before. Our reunions (and our email exchange-sometimes way too late at night) have united us in a very wonderful way, our little knitting group has blossomed into a circle of friendship. Cheers my friends!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Headband Mania

Today was no chit-chat morning. Three ladies from the knitting club came over to my house to learn how to make the flower headband. Both Mery and Aviva were really concentrated and determined to understand the pattern. And the third lady, you might ask? The third lady was Mary's mom. Glued to the cel phone she took part of the meeting on speaker phone. Silvia Abadi is now part of our knitting club and our official representative in Mexico City, welcome to the club girl!

Increases and decreases in the pattern were a bit of a challenge tough, thus we came up with our own visual chart. Although it might look odd for those experienced knitters, it really worked for us!

By the way, The Flower Headband posting has been updated with a little information on the knitted flower pattern. I have added a link to a tutorial video as well. The flower on this new headband I made is done in crochet and it is slightly bigger than Andreas grey one, it is about 11.5 x 11.5 cm.

If you like them oversized, check this one out- from Urban Outfitters. The crochet flower I made is very similar to this one. The actual headband is really fast and easy to make on circular needles... use it as a neck warmer if you wish.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Day Neckwarmer

Today was a good day because I finally finished Odette's scarf-neckwarmer. This was actually the first project I started when I joined the Knitting Club. The story is that Lorena had been telling me to come to the meetings for the longest time and I had not knitted for ages. I was kind of hesitant because I knew I would have to start researching on what to knit, I was not even sure if I was going to be able to get the knitting mojo back. Odette asked me if I could knit her a simple but really long scarf. This was the perfect project for knitting at the meetings because I would be able to talk and knit at the same time. The simple stockinette stitch went on forever though...actually about 2.5 meters. It got a little boring to knit this after a while, this is why I made so many other things in between.
I ended up joining the scarf at the ends so Odette can wrap it around her neck several times. I kinda think it looks like a neck brace but she loves it, and it actually looks really good on her.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lace Goes Urban

Thanks to Joep Verhoeven of Studio Demakersvan designer of Lace Fence, the fence wire is undergoing a transformation. The result is that the fence no longer symbolizes caution and danger. The message of Verhoevan’s new Lace Fence is decidedly not “Keep Away”—it is instead “Enter.” With the various patterns of the Lace Fence, the industrial-strength wire says, “Enter a New World.”

The high-end metal fabric is meant to give insight on how to create unique environments through the combination of the ancient craft of lace and industrial chain link fence. Demakersvan have been collaborating with a number of partners on public projects which integrate the lace fence into their developments.

Lace Fence comes in two types of wire with an outside wire diameter of 2.5 or 3mm; and in galvanized iron or PVC coated. The panels come in various sizes. Lace Fence is strong enough for outdoor use, yet soft enough for interior use: "Demakersvan combines the small and sensitive with the powerful, large and industrial.” Lace Fence can be used for room dividers or staircase railings as well, as seen here in the lobby of a new trendy Belgian hotel.

Lace Fence integrated on the facades of apartment buildings, designed by SeARCH architects.The facades consist of 150 panels that are seamlessly put together to cover a total area of 3000m2. they are located in the hague, and made from betafence white PVC coated wire.