Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Knitting Club

Thanks to my lovely daughter, this blog has finally commenced, it is really not because I watched Julie and Julia and I am not sure how long this will last, or how often I will post...and unlike Julie, I truly have no plan what-so-ever.

And the truth was told: Thanks to Lola's insistence on me joining the "knitting club", avant-garde knitting (as Odette has so elegantly put it) has become my recent obsession of choice. Thus the name for this my first blog: KNITTING BIRD. The knitting club (El club de las Tejedoras)is what we call ourselves. A group of women that get together twice a month to enjoy food, good company and laughs...some of us knit, others crochet, others are trying to get inspired, but we always bring home-made goodies and occasional visitors to the club. All I can say is that Thursdays have become a day of inspiration, laughter and creativity. This summer my best friend Patty knitted a couple of amazing bags during her visit to Toronto. Some of the girls did not get to see how they turned out, so I decided to email everyone the pictures. After this, my daughter Odette urged me to write a blog in which I can post all of our latest creations, food and all.
As Patty's bags were the fist to be photographed, it is only fair I post them here as the first official finished project of El Club de las Tejedoras.

My comadre Lola Child's amazing Provence setting is also posted as our first official photographed meal.


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