Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's All About Presentation

You don't have to be a graphic designer to realize how much importance is given to the way things look in order for us to buy them, eat them or appreciate them . Last week it was my daughter Andrea's B-Day, she absolutely loves Godiva chocolates. I decided to goto Fairview Mall and buy her a gift card so she can buy those ridiculously expensive chocolate covered strawberries as a treat instead of having to beg me when we go to the mall.

They didn't have any gift cards so I opted for buying her a cute little box with a single chocolate in shape of a cake instead. It was not until I paid the bill that I realized that the one tiny single chocolate was ...uh I think about 7 dollars! Yikes! oh well, the lady had packed it already with a couple of more things that I had bought and so I felt bad returning it, and plus, I knew she was going to like it.

Her birthday came, we gave her all her presents, and the small birthday cake chocolate which was elegantly packed in a box that was probably worth more than the actual chocolate. When she opened the box she was absolutely delighted, she took the chocolate into her mouth and asked me to take a picture. She ate that single tiny chocolate in about 6 bites! and she savored each and every one of them. It was then I realized that the friggen chocolate was oh so worth buying. This is why, my friends, I thought of writing about the importance of how we present things. Andrea is a lousy eater, but... she will eat anything that I give to her in a "princess" (as she calls it) presentation. And the truth is that she is not the only one. We all like things better when they are presented nicely to us. We will even buy a tomato sauce that we have not tried yet, just because we liked the packaging.
So here I present to you some gift wrapping inspirations. What I like about these is that they are not expensive, some of them use simple brown paper and a marker, newspaper, buttons, fresh flowers and even pattern tissue paper. Go ahead and wrap with imagination and throw in some love while you are at it.


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